About me and the tiny 3

Hello and welcome to Me and The Tiny 3

I started this blog in January 2013, as a journal of my life with the tiny 3.

So let me introduce myself and my family

Mummy aka Tammy I am 31 years old, I love all sports, twitter, and of course my family.

Daddy aka Craig/Mr M&TTT He is also 31 years old and loves football

JR aka Jackson He was born in 2008 and loves watching cbeebies, and dance class. Unbelievably to me he starts school in September.

TP aka Tyler Was born in 2010 and has just given up his dummy, at the moment his favourite things are cbeebies, spiderman, robots and lego.

LA aka Lexi-Arizona she was born in September 2012, has a cows milk protein allergy, has recently learnt to roll over

We are willing to work with companies for reviewing products and services.
If you would like to get in touch with me please email me at meandthetinythree@gmail.com


  1. What a really lovely family.
    Are you ready for school?

    1. He already wears the uniform for the school nursery so it's just the longer hours really but it kind of feels like he'll no longer be mine, I'll be sharing him with the school system


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