Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bedtime stress

The part of the day I dread the most is the boys bedtime, it's just so stressful. JR although he's 4 won't get himself undressed and insists on messing about instead if letting me get him undressed. Then we have the tears he still won't self settle so into the bedroom I go and lie with him until he's asleep some nights that can be minutes other nights like last night can take an hour!
Tp if he's not fallen asleep in his highchair already will then proceed to be a 2 year old who doesn't want his nappy changed and pyjamas on and absolutely positively isn't tired. TP also doesn't self settle he won't even go into the boys bedroom awake so I gently rock him to sleep all the time la is amusing herself in her bouncy chair or Moses basket, then if I'm lucky he'll fall into a deep enough sleep that I can move him to bed. At this point I know he'll be up at least twice before midnight and end up in bed with me and mr m&ttt.
I know it's my own fault, I know they should self settle, I know I give into them all too easily and should have learnt the 1st time round but if I'm honest I really enjoy our bit off extra special one on one time at the end of the night! Go on admit it you'd enjoy it too!

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