Saturday, 26 January 2013

The scariest night of my life

Tuesday night started out just like any normal Tuesday I put the boys to bed at about 6, fed la and tidied up all the boys toys before mr m&tt3 came home from work. We then sat down to eat tea in front of the telly. We had a really nice night watching our current favourite show celebrity apprentice USA.
About 11.30 we decided to get la ready and we'd go to bed seeing had mr m&ttt had to be up early the following morning for work,again all quite normal, until he suddenly started struggling to breathe. I got him his inhalers and gave them to him but he couldn't breathe enough to get any benefit this was getting serious so it was this point I decided the only course of action I should be taking was 999.
The paramedics arrived within minutes although at the time it seemed a whole lot longer! They did everything they could, on site but it was decided we needed to go to a&e as his breathing wasn't getting any better. I made a call to my parents to see if they'd come and stay with the kids and too see if one of them could drive me to the hospital. However when they arrived the ambulance was still stuck on our car park in the snow it took 40 minutes to get off our car park which meant two things
1) I had a very cold husband and 2) I was able to ride in the ambulance with him.
After many tests in a&e it was decided at 4am that they were keeping him in over night on a ward, so I had to leave him and go home.
I managed to get half an hours rest before the kids woke up wanting to watch cbeebies and have their breakfast.
I was able to call the hospital at around about 10 am to be told he'd had a stable few hours and would probably be home later that day. He was eventually discharged at around 1 pm and we were all so glad to have him home! He's still not 100% better but he is certainly a lot better than Tuesday night.


  1. How terrifying. I hope he is back to 100% soon. Sounds like you handled it really well.


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