Friday, 1 February 2013

A new bedtime routine!

I had a visit from an outreach worker today she's going to be offering me support with my pnd and the boys recent lack of sleep.
To be totally honest I am completely freaked out by what she has suggested in fact more than that it petrifies me.
She wants me to move the times of everything
Tea time she wants to move to 4.30 from 5
Then instead of bathing the boys after nursery she wants them to have a bath at 5.30
And then not have bedtime until after 6! The boys are mostly asleep by 6 every night! These are minor little things the scariest thing is she wants them to go to bed together, in their own beds without me rocking or lying with them, this is something that has never ever happened to the extent that if I put TP anywhere near his bed when he's awake he screams blue murder. She says it will take just a couple of nights and I'll be able to leave the room but I'm very sceptical that it will work but I'm going to give it a try I might just wait until Sunday when mr m&ttt isn't working late and will be here to support me through the tantrums that I know will happen!
She's coming to visit again next week for a progress report but until then watch this space for updates!


  1. I used to rock the boys to sleep and for a long time hubby had to go to bed with Jellybean to get him to settle - we were given the same advice and with a few ups and downs and the occasional wobble we now have boys who go to bed awake in their own beds and will settle down and fall asleep.

    I have a CD player in their room and they listen to either nursery rhymes, classical music or a story on CD every night - that helps them to settle down.

    Good luck - the first couple of nights ARE hard, but it really really is worth it.

    1. Thank you, it's the 1st few nights I'm dreading and I'm worried I'll end up giving into them if they cry too much. I've tried to do it before and always en up giving up

  2. We are the opposite. We never used to eat dinner til 7 Bunny used to go to bed at 8:30. Rarely asleep before 9 and we'd settle the twins about 11pm ish when we went to bed. Mainly through being disorganized. We made it a new years resolution to try and eat dinner between 5 and 6, do baths (3 nights a week) at 6. Bunny in bed at 7:15 (I get in her bed to read one story then leave). And twins in bed at 8:30. It's all working well except the last one. The twins just won't settle that early so instead of putting them in cots and them going straight to sleep, we now have to go up to answer cries until about 10pm. Lol. Xx


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