Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hospital check-up

Today I have to take my little princess la to the hospital, for a check-up. She's under a paediatric dietician because she's allergic to milk, so once a month she has to be weighted at the hospital and they make sure her special formula is working properly and she's still growing. I'm hoping that today they will say we can start weaning her on to solids in the next couple of weeks as she's now 5 1/2 months old. I know that she's doing well I see it everyday when she hits the milestones, smiling she did late but can you blame her the formula I gave her would have been making her feel rubbish. She still has days where she'll sleep as much as a newborn but other days where she hardly naps at all. Just last night she rolled back 2 front for the first time and within a couple of attempts had mastered in and was rolling all around the room. Even though I know that other than being a bit small shes doing great I still worry every time she's weighted that they will say she's stopped growing again or the lack of weight gain in the 1st 2 months may have damaged her health in someway.
I'll let you know how she gets on later

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