Friday, 15 February 2013

Playdoh mush!

So I hope I'm not the only person in the world affected by a hatred of playdoh mush, by this I mean getting every pot of playdoh open and mixing the colours together.

I absolutely hate it, it's turns it into a horrible colour, I much prefer to let the boys have one colour open at a time, they however like to have every colour out at once. Having said how much I hate it who can blame them
After all you look at the boxes and they all have pictures of wonderful multi-coloured creations, things that in all honesty no 2 or 4 year old could ever recreate but they like to have a go. I wouldn't mind if they then carefully separated the colours but no they mash them together!
The boys have a lot of playdoh sets we currently own
The swirling shake shop
Flip and serve breakfast
Moulding mania
Pizza maker gift set,
And various other accessories. The boys and their cousins have so much fun playing with and mixing the different colours I'm beginning to think that maybe there's something strange about my playdoh obsession. This being said yesterday I left them to their own devices with all the sets and I was left with 2 boys who'd played nicely together for a good couple of hours and a mushy mess of mixed playdoh, but at least they had fun.
Maybe it's time to loosen up a bit when it comes to mixing the colours......then again no!

Please tell me I'm not the only person with this obsession or even if I am!

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