Sunday, 31 March 2013

Parents evening #pocolo

Tonight was JR's parents evening at nursery, tomorrow is the last day of his fourth term there. I have to admit that I do worry about JR's abilities as he doesn't seem to know the difference between letters and numbers or recognise the letters and numbers.

When we got to his nursery we got to look through his learning journey and I have to say I am amazed at what he knows and can do, like the fact he can recognise the number 4, and can trace his name these are things that at home he acts like he doesn't know.

When we got to actually see his teacher I couldn't have been more prouder his teacher said that

* He is hitting all his targets
* He is starting to be more attentive and a better listener
* He is a very helpful class member
* He makes sure a less confident class member is never left out
and *is starting to learn about his body

I am such a proud mummy right now and I cant wait until he wakes up in the morning so I can tell him exactly how proud I am!

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  1. This is fabulous, I love the moments when, as a Mum, you start to realise that all your work as a parent is starting to pay off :). The hardest thing to remember is that they all develop differently. Thank you so much for linking up to PoCoLo and for your support. It's open every week xx

  2. That is lovely! It is so odd when they start to have this life that does not involve you and you only hear about through a third party. I'm sure he will be thrilled to hear how proud you are of him. :-)

  3. Oh he does look very smart in his uniform. I love the fact that he thinks about the others in his class too. I find parent's evening is very emotional because someone else is saying such nice things about your child and they see them up against the other children in the class.


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