Friday, 22 March 2013

Wall art!

Yesterday my 2 lovely boys found some felt tip pens, and before I realised they had found the afore mentioned pens, they proceeded to draw over all of my walls!
I was very stressed out by this occurrence and my wonderful mommy came and helped to clean it off the walls whilst I cooked tea!
I will maybe one day look back and laugh but for now please excuse me while I go and cry !


  1. My youngest has done this a few times. He has also decorated doors, a white coffee table, the cream sofa cover, the carpet...

    It doesn't seem to matter how many times we tall him off, every time he gets hold of a pen he draws on something he shouldn't.

    Here's hoping they all grow out of it soon!!


  2. Oh god, I am waiting for this to happen. In the meantime I have banned felt tip pens (I know my youngest will find a biro at some point and do it).

    I have had biro on the cream sofa but by some miracle googling of biro stains managed to get them out.


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