Friday, 3 May 2013

La's first tooth

This afternoon after mr m&ttt finished work we had to pop to our local kiddiecare store. When we arrived the boys were both asleep in their carseats, as I was only going for one agreed item I went into the store on my own. Whilst in there I received a text message from mr m&ttt it read ' I know something that you possibly don't!'. This hurried along my shopping a bit as I wanted to know what! When I got into the car mr m&ttt told me to give him my finger and close my eyes, the next thing I know I could feel my daughter gumming my finger, then I felt it LA's 1st tooth it's front bottom right and has come through quite a lot!
So there you go that's the story of how I found out my daughter has her 1st tooth!

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