Friday, 7 June 2013

Can you help this family?

A little while ago my twitter friend Eliza_Do_Lots started a campaign called pocket money changes, this campaign started when she wanted to help me be able to afford a dance costume for JR. She asked for people to donate £1 and see if her twitter followers and blog readers could join together and raise the money needed (incidentally Eliza's blog is amazing anyway!) Her readers and twitter followers raised to money through donations in just a day and a half for which I am eternally grateful.
Since then Pocket money changes has raised money for a star for Matilda Mae's family, a special seat for a special little girl and a night out for a friend in need. No one has asked Eliza to do this its all her own idea.

Now Eliza is embarking on pocket money changes biggest challenge yet raising £300 for Naomi and her family in Nairobi so far £75 has been raised and its getting towards the end of the fundraising time limit. You see this is the first time that its not a fellow blogger or friend that money is being raised for it proving more of a struggle.
You can read Naomi's story and view an up to date total here and please please if you can spare a pound or two donate it to this wonderful cause By clicking here . Lets all help Eliza reach her target to help this deserving family.

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