Thursday, 6 June 2013

La's hospital journey part 2

On the morning of Friday 17th may I got JR ready to be picked up for nursery and TP ready to spend the day with his great-grandparents. Then I got me and LA ready for a day patient visit to the local children's ward, I took enough nappies, formula, clothes and food to see la through until early evening, I also packed her sleep sac so she could nap. I took nothing for me! I didn't need anything I'd only be there a few hours, so I took no food or drink for myself, and no money to get anything either. Once LA was examined and given a cot (purely for her comfort,I was reassured) her dietician Cheryl came to have a look at her and speak with the doctors and consultants, again I was told all they needed to do was watch her feed and take some blood and would be out later that day. Very stupidly I had a panic attack and once Mr M&TTT arrived I was sent to A&E, to be checked out as apparently nurses on the children's ward aren't insured to help ill parents so thank god it wasn't anything serious.
When I returned to the ward after self discharging myself (there were people who needed the help more than me I was fine) I was told that they hadn't been able to get any blood we'd have to wait for the night shift so we'd need to stay in for just 1 NIGHT! 

1 night I was able to cope with and Mr M&TTT went home and got me food, drink, a change of clothes and nightwear. Whilst in the bay ward LA picked up a tummy bug a very nasty bout of D&V so we were moved into a side room at 3am but that meant that I had privacy, my own bathroom and my own tv, and LA had a box of toys all to herself.
When we woke up on the Saturday morning it soon became apparent that until she got over the stomach bug there was no way we were going home. 

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