Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday soapbox - no notice

This half term at nursery JR has been learning lots about London including names of famous landmarks, all about Her Majesty The Queen, how to bow and various nursery rhymes and songs. This is really lovely and you're probably wondering why this is the subject of a Sunday soapbox!
Well her goes, on Tuesday this week JR brought home a very nice invitation to go to see him and his classmates do a presentation all about what they have been learning.
You are probably still thinking aww how sweet, and yes it is incredibly sweet. However here's the problem they sent the invites home on Tuesday for a performance on Thursday morning, and they had to be dressed in Red,White & Blue. Each child had to write the invite to a parent or guardian of their choice JR chose Daddy. 
Again this is fine however Daddy works full time and is usually able with some planning to get time off, TWO days NOTICE is not enough time for planning of days off for working parents or to organise Union Flag coloured clothes in the end he went in a red Mr Bump t-shirt and daddy missed out watching his really nice and lovely London Showcase! PLEASE teachers more than 2 days notice would be nice next time! 

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