Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A photo post of our day trip to Cardiff

On bank holiday Monday we went for a family day out to Cardiff, after being reassured by my twitter friend Theboyandme that there was plenty to see and do. Here's my photo blog of the day! 
My 2 boys walking hand in hand outside the Cardiff Millennium Centre
 Mr shark and Mr clown fish! 
Walking from the bay to the city centre to find the castle 
The Cardiff City Champions parade bus
Sneaking a peek inside millennium stadium
Mosaic on the floor outside millennium stadium
Bruce the shark and Nemo the clown fish walking with daddy 
Enjoying the sun, while mummy and daddy work out where we're going now
A bit of a dodgy picture but its a darlek arrrggghh!!!!
I think the cyberman is after JR but its okay his eyes are covered the cyberman won't see him
TP wasn't very happy on the merry go round

There you have it my photo blog of our day trip in the wonderful city of Cardiff. We enjoyed it so much we're planning on spending a few days there in the summer.


  1. Oh I'm so glad that you had such a good time, fabulous photos and you had such good weather for it. There's loads to see and do, isn't there? Hope you enjoy the Summer trip too.

  2. It was an absolutely fantastic day! There was no way we could fit everything in a day trip


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