Monday, 13 May 2013

No room for a tuff spot no problem!

I've been seeing loads of posts lately about tuff spots and messy play, I have even been inspired to buy the kids some water beads, glo sticks, stars and pasta shapes. 
The problem I have is I live in a small appartment with no garden, and only a small kitchen so I have no room for a tuff spot. I know many people will have the same problem, but I have found a very simple solution I've brought the kids a large rectangular garden tray, the sort that you would put troughs on. It really does the job I need it too we have used it on an almost daily basis for about 3 weeks now and the boys always find something new to use it for. 
Moon sand & moon dough (I don't have a moon dough photo as they decided they needed to be naked!)
JR mushed up all the water beads by running and lying on them and was covered in them as you can see more clearly below
So there you have it NO TUFF SPOT - NO PROBLEM! 

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